Had my Italian leather jacket scratched up by the cat (story for another day). I did not have very high hopes for repair, but figured it was worth a shot. Van’s was able to smooth down and glue all of the nicks, match the color, and restore it to wearable condition with great attention to detail. They can’t work miracles, but the end result was much better than I expected and cost $32. If you have damaged leather goods you can probably get them repaired for far less money than replacing them. I’m glad an old-school repair shop like this is in business still. - Michan C

I’ve been taking all my work shoes to Van’s for cleaning and repair for the past few years, I’m always happy with the results! Their guys are true experts! - Ryan

Sharon and her guys are phenomenal! Thanks to them, I’ve spent a lot less on buying new shoes in the past year, than ever before. They do a phenomenal job restoring my heels and leather hand bags. They are totally upfront with you and basically explain the process of what to expect beforehand. I’ve never had any “surprises” with them and will continue to be a customer for a long time! – Jennifer B

As a uniformed officer, it’s crucial that my boots look flawless. I’ve never had to worry about serving the citizens of Arlington wearing a dirty or scuffed pair of boots, thanks to Van’s. I recommend them to any professional who is serious about how they present themselves. - Barton V